September – October 2011

Whatsoever HE saith

His mother saith unto the servants, whatsoever he saith unto you, do it. Recently, I was reminded of this verse in John when Mary told the servants to obey her Son. Mary realized that Jesus Christ deserved the utmost reverence. Mary knew that the one she gave birth to was her only hope for redemption. While walking downtown we took this picture. It says, “Oh Mary, the world has need of you.” Many Colombians have not yet realized that Jesus is the redeemer.

Youth Group Revived

The youth group has been venturing out. In the past several months they have planned and done several activities. They had their first ever youth soul winning day. They put together a harvest party for the children in the church and taught them about the dangers of Halloween. They are planning an all night prayer meeting and also a hang gliding adventure. Praise the Lord they are taking ownership for the group and themselves.

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