January – February 2012

What Must I do to Be Saved

While on deputation we met a Colombian woman who has family here in Medellín. She had been praying that God would send missionaries that could reach her loved ones. She told us that her family was very open to the gospel but just lacked a teacher. So, we began to pray.

Well, the same Colombian lady arrived here in December for a visit. She contacted us and asked if we could come over to her apartment for a cup of coffee some evening to meet her family. We were excited and said “yes!”

We didn’t know where they lived and thought it might be far away, especially since this is a city of several million people. It just so happened that they lived across the street! What are the odds?

When we arrived, we were surprised to see a group of about 25 people sitting and waiting patiently. Our Colombian friend told us, “they are ready.” “Ready for what?” I responded nervously not having prepared a message. “They are ready for you to teach them something out of the Bible,” she said. So, in my broken Spanish, I preached the gospel to them. We received questions identical to those of Nicodemus and the Philippian jailor. It was truly a surreal experience!

Please pray for their salvation as we continue to study with them. You can see a portion of the original group above. Our God is amazing!

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