November – December 2016

Welcome Home

After arriving back home during the first week of December, we were greeted with many smiles and hugs. Our church did a great job “holding the fort”. We praise God for their faithfulness during our travels.

Just a week later, I received a call from one of our members. She told me that one of her good friends was getting ready to move out of the country and really wanted to talk to me to clear up some questions before he left. We met together a few days later over a cup of coffee and he began to share his heart with me.

I was able to answer the majority of his questions and asked him one to steer the conversation to the Gospel. “Where are you going to spend eternity?” He was not sure and said, “probably in Hell”. We resolved that problem as he invited Christ in his heart to save him. He also requested to be baptized before he left the country so we were privileged to do so.

I was so encouraged that one of our people had been witnessing to him and that I was able to participate in his conversion. What a great welcome home!

Only God

We were contacted by Christian while on furlough about Erika, a professor from Medellin who had accepted Christ while in Georgia at an academic conference. Christian was desperately hoping we could meet her and disciple her.

I met Erika by way of Skype during a Spanish Bible study at Christian’s house while in Georgia. We were very encouraged and agreed to follow up with her in Colombia.

We contacted Erika once we arrived and found out she literally lives across the street from us! Katie is now discipling her and Erika is so excited. Only God can do that!

Stir The Waters

The most encouraging news we have had since returning is the work the Spirit did through the team of leaders who helped during our absence. We have had the opportunity to baptize six people since being home. Some were saved during our furlough while other Christians were just impressed to take that next step of obedience. God worked and used our people…A very good sign!

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