March – April 2016

Together For Good

One Sunday after services had finished, Yuly and her family were on the way out the door when suddenly something happened. She passed out and fell down to the floor! She was out cold for a good 10 minutes. As we did what we could to help her come to, she finally woke up. I said we would take her home, not trusting her stability to ride home with her husband on their motorcycle.

While we drove she asked me for a favor, “Pastor, could you drop me off at my mom’s instead? Maybe you could come in and meet her and try to talk to her about the Lord?” I agreed and soon we arrived at the small second story apartment.

It was filthy, and full of people I would later find out were many of Yuly’s relatives. We were introduced and I began to steer the conversation towards the Gospel.
Yuly’s mom, Blanca, was fighting back the tears all the while telling me that she had given up hope. With children from more than 4 men and the majority of them wanting nothing to do with her, she began to cry.

After an hour of discussion and while in the arms of her daughter, Blanca accepted Jesus into her heart, and God had used Yuly’s weakness together for good.

Read His Heart

We went up and up until we reached her neighborhood. Gudiela was waiting for us in the park where they were giving donkey rides. We went to her house and patiently worked through the Gospel. She couldn’t read so she listened carefully. She was ready and so she gladly decided to trust Christ. God is merciful! She couldn’t read His word but she could read His heart.

Winning Souls

Lined is one of our Bible Institute students. She has been taking the initiative to reach others and God has been giving her opportunities. Recently we found out a friend of ours, Viviana, lived in Lined’s neighborhood. We put them together and Lined went to work. She got saved. Afterwards, Viviana told us, “I never understood the Gospel so clearly!” Praise God for those that win souls.

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