November – December 2011

The Prince of Peace

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from Colombia! We can hardly believe that our first Christmas here has already arrived. Thank you so much as we have received many warm cards and generous gifts. We are grateful to be in your thoughts and prayers while we labor a world away.

Recently, we were walking downtown to see the very famous Christmas lights called, “Los Alumbrados” and witnessed a once in a lifetime occurrence. As we were walking down a busy street filled with traffic speeding along, we saw a man on a motorcycle get hit by another car. He fell off his bike and slid for at least 30 yards. We held our breath and covered our kids’ eyes as we were sure he was about to get run over by a passing vehicle. Miraculously, he didn’t, and he got up and walked back to his motorcycle. He picked it up and walked to the side of the road while dodging through speeding traffic. We ran across the street and handed him a “This Was Your Life” tract. Can you imagine the thoughts running through his mind that night as he read the Gospel he received literally seconds after he almost found himself standing before God? That is what I call a divine appointment!

As you enjoy spending time with family and friends this holiday season, remember that your investments of both prayer and giving for a lost and dying world this year have meant the world to us. They are and will forever be eternal gifts that you will be able to offer at the feet of our Wonderful, Mighty and Everlasting Father, the Prince of Peace. May God bless you.

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