July – August 2020

The one

In Luke 15 Jesus uses the parable of the ninety and nine. Although our ministry has been hindered almost completely due to the pandemic, God is still looking for lost sheep. Paula, one of our Bible institute students, recently shared that years of difficult conversations with her sister recently came to a climax. It ended by Marcela trusting Christ. Thank God that in a time when the enemy certainly has an advantage, God still goes after ‘the one.’ Pray for her baptism and growth.

Together for good

Javier and Liliana came upon hard times. They were looking for a cheaper apartment to live in in order to reset their financial situation. A door opened up for them to move to the mountain village where we have a mission just as our leader  there was moving away to be closer to family. Just as God moved one out, He moved in another. Pray for them. They have a heart for the youth and are doing an excellent job to try and reach them. All things work together for good for God’s children. 

Scattered abroad

Colombia recently claimed the title of having the world’s longest national quarantine. It makes me think of James’ letter to the twelve tribes scattered abroad. Our people have been legally confined to their homes for almost six months. It has made contact difficult and perseverance challenging. With the occasional visit and online meetings, we have tried our best to encourage the saints scattered abroad.

Lockdown easing

Adults are limited to leaving home once per week. Children cannot leave at all. Cities are quarantined from each other. Churches, schools, and universities are closed. Airports are closed. But, September 1st marks the national reopening. It will be very gradual, but it is at least progress. Pray as churches reopen during the second week of September now that the lockdown is easing.

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