July – August 2018

Going to Work

A young couple from our Bible institute had me over for a visit. They asked me to take over what they had started with the young people in their neighborhood. I told them they were doing great and recommended they continue to stay the course.

They did just that and in the past couple of months they have brought almost 50 visitors to church, seen at least a dozen people saved, and seen 6 people baptized. God has blessed their efforts more than they ever thought imaginable. Praise God for those who are willing to go to work!

Trip to the Amazon

I was invited to help with a medical missions trip to the Amazon by Sean Lundey, the BIMI director of Brazil. They were going to work in Peru and Colombia and needed a few extra Spanish speakers. A missionary friend of mine and I decided to go last minute. It was incredible! We stayed about a week, visited 6 villages, saw almost a thousand patients, and saw many come to know Christ as Savior. There is a real need in the Colombian Amazon with dozens of river villages that have no Gospel witness. We plan to take a more active role in reaching the unreached there in the future. Please visit capturingcolombia.org/explore/video to watch a short video regarding the trip.  Please pray for more labourers!

Growing Pains

In the last month we have set two new records for our highest attendance ever! We were putting chairs in every empty space! We had to install another air conditioner due to all the extra people that have been attending. The church is growing thanks to the blessing of God.

If this trend continues, we simply will not fit in our current facility. We are carefully considering our options.Pray that God gives us discernment.


At the recent flower festival we passed out 3,000 tracts in an hour. That’s almost 1 tract per second and we barely scratched the surface. Please pray for the lost multitudes of Colombia. The harvest truly is plenteous.

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