May – June 2016

Reigniting the Flame

We told ourselves over 5 years ago that we would not leave until we had our Colombian residency. Well, we got it in February! We then decided to start planning for a short furlough to begin in the summer.

Taking our first furlough has made us apprehensive. It seems as though we often hear horror stories about what happens on the foreign field while the missionaries return to report. But, it was time to return, so we made the necessary preparations.

After making sure everything would be taken care of during our absence, putting in place a leadership team, and many prayers, we said our good-byes and headed for home.

Our furlough is going to be a short one (6 months), so things have been a whirlwind since we arrived the first of June. We have prepared the vehicle the Lord provided, finished scheduling meetings, completed our furlough materials, said hello and goodbye to family, and set out on the road.

Please pray for us as we will be visiting the vast majority of our team members and travelling many, many miles in the heat of the summer months. We would love to see God reignite the flame of compassion our supporters had when they began this journey with us to Capture Colombia for Christ.

Stepping it Up

We have heard wonderful news of our leaders and church members working together to achieve success. We have had new visitors, a ladies ministry begin, a youth camp put in place, members faithfully fulfilling their responsibilities, people continuing to get saved, and even inquiries about baptism. Wow! God is good and our people are stepping up!

Furlough Info

Please note that you can view our ministry update video via our website: and select the Furlough 2016 update. Please share it with family and friends and be encouraged at what God has done in Medellin, Colombia. Remember, everything accomplished has been a joint effort and that God has used all of you tremendously. Thank you!!

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