November – December 2019

Desperate Times

During a meeting, a young man with wads of paper in his hands came up to our table. He asked if we wanted to buy some currency. He said it would basically be for a souvenir. We gave him some pesos and each took a bill.

He went on to tell us his sad story as a Venezuelan refugee. A bill that used to buy several lunches, now only served to purchase a single cigarrete. He asked for a small donation to help he and his family. 

There are literally millions like him here going through very desparate times. Pray that we could place in the hands and hearts of many the Gift that is priceless and will never lose its value.

Getting Creative

Evangelism is more and more challenging as western society slips further into the grasp of materialism. So, we decided to spice things up. 

Along with our matching T-shirts, we had some colorful signs made up with Bible verses on them. It’s seems to be working too. The gift of the gospel is grabbing more people’s attention.

Divine Appointment

I saw him sitting on a park bench one day and felt led to sit beside him. We began to talk and Carlos shared a pretty amazing story.

He had recently gotten off of the streets as a drug addict and was in the process of rehabilitation. That is when I mentioned that our conversation was no accident. God wanted to do something else in his life. After a thorough explanation of the gospel, Carlos bowed to receive the gift of eternal restoration. He will never be the  same!

Teaching Others

Liliana has grown tremendously since arriving at our church. She is now helping with a small mountain ministry we have about an hour away.

She took it upon herself to start a kids club. One day she texted me very excitedly and told me about Laura, a young girl who had just gotten saved. What a gift it is when fruit bears more fruit!

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