July – August 2014

Preaching in the School

We recently had a door open up in Comuna 13, the neighborhood where we have been having a new Bible study. The school offered us the opportunity to enter and preach the gospel to their entire student body, which would be around 500 students from grades 1-11.

We preached the Gospel to each class for about 20 minutes. Each child was also given a Chick tract and Bible study invitation.

It was an eye opening experience. In each class I also asked how many of the students had seen a dead body in the street in their neighborhood. One student laughed and told me, “You should ask us how many of us have not seen one.” In every class almost every hand went up. Unfortunately, many of the kids from this school will meet a similar fate. But thank God we were able to share the hope of the Gospel with them.

Now, as we walk around the neighborhood we can hear the children whispering, “There they are, the Americans.” As a result of the school evangelism, our children’s group in the Bible study in Comuna 13 has exploded and even a teacher has started coming. One of the students also recently trusted Jesus after one of our Bible studies. Praise God! He gives the increase!

That was Close

While returning from church, we found ourselves in a crossfire. On one side were fans of one soccer team and on the other a bus full of fans from the other team. Screaming began, sticks and rocks were thrown, windows in the bus were shattered, and a rock the size of a baseball hit our rear driver’s side window. Miraculously, it didn’t even break! Thanks for praying. That was close!


Pray for Fabian. He is a young boy that got sick with a fever which ended up turning into a cerebral infection. He almost died but is now recovering slowly. Pray that his recovery continues and that he could soon return to church.

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