February – March 2012

Plowing and Planting

While sitting in the park one afternoon we met an Italian man and he made an amazing statement, “Colombia is a religious country and the people here are far more religious than I remember Italians ever being.”

As we labor with a group of Catholics and a Jehovah’s Witness we are plowing the fields left behind by years of religious downpours. Religion temporarily satisfies that natural desire to be “godly” but unfortunately leaves behind hearts of stone filled with skepticism, doubt, and disbelief after its hearers realize those downpours were nothing but acid rain. Pictured above is Sergio. He was raised a Catholic but converted to Jehovah’s Witness. Please pray for his salvation as we continue to plow and plant the seeds of God’s Word.

God has been blessing the church plant in La Campiña. We have been seeing people saved, baptized, and joining the church. As a result, the church is growing and we are in need of more space. Praise the Lord, we plow, we plant, and God does give the increase!

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