May – June 2020

New Normal

We have now been under a national quarantine for over 100 days. This translates to no in person meetings of any kind since early March. Thankfully, our online services and Bible Institute have forged ahead and we are now halfway completed with this year. We are doing what we can to try and keep connected and keep others connected with each other. It is challenging, as not all have internet access, but being a virtual missionary is becoming our new normal. 

Supplying Needs

Since our ministry has changed dramatically over the past several months, we have had to look for new ways to reach out. Thanks to special donations, we have been able to help many of our church families with food as they struggle from the effects of job losses. We have even been able work together with our missionaries in the Amazon jungle and help supply the basic needs of their people as well.

Gotta Get Out

With the combination of the national quarantine and our church being completely shut down, we are really locked in. Adults can leave home alone and only 3 times per week. The children cannot leave at all. I have recently started going out on my own to make visits. The legality of it is a grey area with the quarantine that is in place. Our people are just as anxious as we are to get back to normal. It has been so good to make contact again. Sometimes you just gotta get out!

Stepping Out

Last year we moved from the outskirts to a more central location and it has proven to be of God. Now, we are going to try and buy. With the COVID-19 helping to bring prices down, we have decided to step out by faith. In a time which seems like it couldn’t be more financially challenging, we are asking, “Would you consider giving towards this purchase?” This crisis has brought a golden opportunity.

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