May – June 2011

Breaking and Building

I am six weeks into language school. I am studying daily for 8-10 hours and making progress. The language barrier is getting pulled down one day at a time. In addition, we are assisting with a new church plant in a nearby neighborhood. We recently moved into a church building of our own with a lot of room to grow. Here you can see one of the workers removing an interior wall. At times, God must break down before he can build. Soon we’ll be reaching more .

More Laborers

At a recent youth camp we attended with kids from six Colombian churches, God saved seven precious young souls. These may be future pastors and missionaries. Praise the Lord the camp went great! He is also at work calling more laborers to work the fields. Peter and Elizabeth Putney are currently here surveying Medellín and are praying earnestly about working together with us. God is raising up laborers

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