March – April 2011

We Made It

After just sixteen months of deputation and one hundred seventeen meetings, we boarded a plane heading south to Medellin, Colombia. We packed everything we owned into seven plastic tubs, two suitcases, four carryons, four backpacks, and one cardboard box. Everything made it safely through customs and we didn’t have to pay a dime for duty on our things! Praise the Lord! Above you can see Abby and Lily with their new friends. It didn’t take them long. We are all so excited that we made it. Our next task is language school. Please keep praying for us


While driving home at the end of deputation, we had an unusual experience. The propane tank on our RV came loose and began dragging on the asphalt. Praise God someone flagged us down, or we could have ended our travels with a bang! A tow truck with two men came to our assistance and I took the opportunity to give them the gospel. The amazing thing was that on their way out to help us they had already been discussing eternal things. With God there is no such thing as an accident!

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