November – December 2014

Looking Forward

We hope you had a wonderful time with family and friends this Christmas and New Year. God has been good to us and we thank you all very much for the faithful prayer and financial support throughout the year.

We had a busy last couple of months as is customary for most during the holidays. We had an activity in the church where Katie taught some of the ladies how to make Christmas wreaths. It was a success and they all had a blast learning and spending time together.

We also went to visit the Christmas lights in Medellín and had a nice time passing out tracts and seeing the beautiful show that the city puts on every year that has attracted international attention.

We had Christmas parties in Ebéjico and our church. Each was a great success and both the adults and children enjoyed playing games and opening gifts. We also had a nice New Year’s Eve service praising and worshiping God for all he has done.

We praise God for 2 that made professions of faith on door to door evangelism and one more (above middle) who trusted Christ as a result of one of our Bible studies. God is good and the work is growing. We are looking forward to all that is coming in 2015!

Building Update

We recently met with our engineer and contractor and are nailing down a design and certified plans for the upcoming expansion of our church. Please continue to pray as we weigh different options that we might be able to find the most efficient, cost effective , and visually appeasing design that will allow for the largest quantity of people to be reached. We will keep you posted on all progress.

Tech Updates

We updated our website and started a ministry Facebook page. Please check them out, give us a like, and invite your friends to do the same! The pages are: and

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