March – April 2014

Let Your Light Shine

We have recently had three families join our church that come from the most notorious section of Medellín. They come from Comuna 13 (pronounced coh-MOON-a-TRAY-say). All one has to do is do a search for this place on the internet and you will be shocked at what you read. But we are praising God because He appears to be doing something amazing.

Of those, two particular men have a burden for their area. After they had been at our church for about 3 months, they began to ask me about beginning a Bible study in one of their homes. I must admit, at the first invitation, I was a little nervous for what I knew was happening there on a regular basis. After their persistence, and realizing that God seemed to be putting things together, I agreed to go.

In our first meeting we had 22 people and have had a steady group since. We have had people from prostitutes to murderers and everything in between. Please pray for souls to be saved as we shine the light in this dark and dangerous neighborhood.

Shary Osorio

We officially celebrated our first baby dedication. Fredy and Elizabeth (the young couple pictured above in the middle) dedicated their 4 month old baby girl (Shary)to the Lord. Pray for them as they strive to raise their little girl for Jesus and that she would not only come to know Christ, but learn to walk with Him daily.

 Sowing the Seed

William (getting baptized)was raised in a “Jesus only” home, where they believe in the Son, but not the Father or the Spirit. By listening to the Christian radio he got saved and now attends our church. Praise God for those who sow the seed of God’s Word.

More Souls!

Above I am pictured with Hugo. I shared the gospel with him and he was open but not ready. Throughout Colombia there are millions of souls like him who need to be saved. Pray that we can reap a greater harvest of souls!

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