November – December 2017

Our Great Savior

It is a wonderful thing that  during the month of December we can celebrate the birth of Jesus. A birth miraculous in so many ways that began, and continues inspiring, a spiritual revolution that  humanity has never seen the likes of. Praise be to the Father for that wonderful event that changed history forever!

A Debt With God

My wife Katie is very hospitable. She met José while out walking the dog one day. An 89 year old retired orthopedic physician with an amazing story. She soon started taking him meals and I met and began witnessing to him.

He had many questions and was very disillusioned with the Catholic church he was raised in. One by one we addressed his doubts and reasoned from the Scriptures. He was very interested.

After months of appointments and conversations he told me something astounding. He said, “Mark, as I approach death I am trying my best to leave things in order, resolve problems, and take care of any debts. But, I feel like I have a debt with God that isn’t taken care of.” I almost started to weep. I encouraged him that he was right and that he needed to accept Christ into his heart before it was too late. He said, “Where do we start?” Shortly after, we stood together, as he requested, and he let Jesus take care of that celestial debt as he received Christ into his heart.

The Angels Rejoice

The angels did indeed rejoice at the birth of our great Savior. The Scriptures tell us that they do likewise at the birth of a child of God.

Yorman, one of our youth, decided after a salvation message in church that his time had come. He finally bowed to accept Jesus.

Joice and Jarvi had been witnessed to by one of our members. I followed up with them on a visit and both prayed to trust Jesus as Savior.

Herbert was visiting from out of town. He wanted to get baptized. I sat down with him to make sure he understood everything. He didn’t. He needed to be saved first. He got saved and the following weekend got baptized before heading home.

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