March – April 2019

Increasing our Reach

I met brother Marcos Ramirez on our Amazon missions trip last fall. He is a Peruvian missionary working in the Amazon basin. He immediately struck me as a special individual.

March marks the end of our missions year and the time of our annual missions conference. We invited brother Marcos to be our missionary for the conference. He did not disappoint and the conference was a great success. Our faith promise giving went up and we will now be able to take part in reaching the unreached peoples of the Amazon.

It also birthed a new ministry which will collect and send basic necessities to the impoverished people of the Amazon. If this interests you or your church please contact us and we will tell you how to get involved.

Testing our Faith

In our last prayer letter I mentioned that we were actively searching for a more central location for our church. We have since been hunting for that new location. We have looked at storefronts, houses, and warehouses. What we have found out is that it is expensive. We will go from paying nothing (our current location is owned) to at least 2,000 dollars a month for rent! Pray that God provides the right facility.

Still Saving Souls

This last month has been interesting. People have been coming into church without invitation. Whether just passing by, or wanting to have visited for a long time, they have been coming in. As a result, several have been saved. It has also been a treat to see our own people doing the majority of the reaping and discipling.

Building our Core

Recently, many of our members have been stepping up and getting involved. Due to new ideas and more help, we have been able to build our core. We were able to have a short camp out and celebrate kid day. The focus being on fellowship with the brethren and spoiling our church kids a bit. It has been a rejuvenating time and we praise God for those willing to serve wherever it is needed.

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