July – August 2012

God is Good

Now that I have been out of language school for about 3 and a half months I have been able to put more of a focus on ministering through the most basic form, communication. A Colombian pastor invited me to preach at his church in a neighboring pueblo, Copacabana. I preached a message entitled Jesus, the friend of Sinners. What a wonderful theme and picture as our Lord had mercy on the woman caught in the act of adultery. He always has mercy on the humble and a stern rebuke for the self-righteous. As the message came to a close, and the invitation was given, one young lady responded to God’s call and for the first time met our wonderful Saviour. What a miracle it is to observe a precious soul being saved. God is Good!

As you can see from the prayer requests and photo above the church plant in La Campiña is doing tremendously. We are finishing up what I would call our second phase building project. We are adding several Sunday School classrooms, two bathrooms, a nursery, expanding the size of our auditorium, and remodeling our entrance. We are getting ready to have a work team from the States arrive tonight and will have them with us for a week to wrap things up with this phase. Praise the Lord for churches with a heart for missions and the willingness to not only sacrifice and support missionaries financially, but also the willingness to strap on their tool bags and make sure that the work gets done. Without them, the work would be much slower and less souls would be saved. Thank you to all who make up our wonderful support team! Our God certainly is good!

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