September – October 2015

How Can I Get It?

During a family Bible study regarding the righteousness of Christ with some of our regular attendees, Fanny, one of their employees from a remote tribal village said, “How can I get that righteousness to cover me?” Shortly after, she bowed her head to place her faith in Christ as Savior. Moments later she told us, “How nice it would be to have someone teach this to my family in the jungle. They don’t know God or have anyone to teach them.” Anyone ready to say, “Here am I, send me?”

Inches Away

One of our church attendees asked if we could visit Jáver, her cousin who was recuperating from a nearly lethal aneurism and stroke. We went to his house and talked with him about his soul. We were amazed to hear his story. He said while in the  hospital he had a dream in which God told him he was going to be okay but he wasn’t “with” Him. He wanted to know what it meant. I began to explain to him that God’s mercies are new every day and that is why God had spared his life. I also told him that if he wanted to be “with” God someday he had to be born-again. After a thorough explanation of the Gospel, he bowed tearfully to trust Christ as his Savior. Praise the Lord, he was inches away from a Christ-less eternity!

Taking a Stand

Salomé was recently saved as a result of our discipleship program. She wanted to follow the Lord and get baptized. Her Catholic mother and grandmother were very against it. Her grandmother even threatened to stop paying her college tuition. After careful consideration and prayer, she took a stand and was baptized. The family has now said they respect her for doing what she believed was right. Wow! Please pray that they too come to know the Lord.

Project Medellín

Together with a team from BIMI, we gave out 40,000 New Testaments throughout the city and in 4 schools. Souls were saved and the seed was sown. Thank you to all who gave their time and money towards this worthy endeavor.

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