May – June 2012

Gaining Momentum

After completing one year of language school, witnessing to our small Bible study group for almost 7 months, and teaching principles of evangelism to a small group at our church in La Campiña we are starting to gain momentum.

In May I concluded my year long formal language study. It is a blessing to be finished and to be able to apply what I have been learning. Soon after, I was able to baptize our oldest daughter, Abby, while her grandparents were visiting and preach my first message in Spanish! The secular university where I studied also made a documentary about our family and the purpose for our being here in Medellín. Crazy!

What really began as a divine appointment while visiting a church in Tennessee has turned out to be a real live miracle. God has moved in our Bible study group that we have been involved with for the past several months and we have seen some of the ladies accept Jesus as Savior! Although not all of them have gotten saved, the others are very close. Please continue to pray for this group. It would be an answer to prayer to see the Lord build a Baptist church right here in central MedellÍn.

Out of the small group that began the evangelism course, 3 students graduated. In addition, many experienced evangelism in a whole new way. We went to the local stadium and presented Christ to strangers out in public. We are gaining momentum on all fronts. Praise the Lord!

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