July – August 2013

Gaining Ground

Above you can see Oscar giving me a great big hug after his baptism. Thank you for your prayers! They are making a difference. What was once a young man haunted by a life of sin is now a disciple growing in the ways of his Savior. His life is cleaning up; he is working again, and praise God, he is now on his way towards finishing technical training to receive a much better job. Oscar is moving forward and he is gaining ground.

Political Unrest

Buses have been burned; policemen and civilians have been killed, and the president is mobilizing 50,000 soldiers to stabilize the situation. The protestors have blocked key interstate routes in between major cities and things have started to get out of hand. National protesting is ongoing and more is scheduled to begin soon. Please pray for resolutions to be found and for Colombia to have the opportunity to experience peace, something that we have all honestly taken for granted far too often.

 He is Faithful

You have been praying for the situation that we have had here regarding shipping Bibles down from the States. We had 300 new Bibles donated and were able to purchase about 150 more at a fantastic discount, but had been left with the challenge of getting them all down here. Since we had $2,000 for the entire project, and shipping and purchase price would have been around $4,500, you can start to see the problem. We decided not to downsize the order and simply wait and pray to see what God would do. Well, a month and a half later we were informed that an anonymous donor decided to pay the entire bill. We can now use that money towards our much needed building project fund. Our God is faithful!

Making Futures

We recently had a successful youth camp with about 50 in attendance. God moved in lives and many made life changing decisions. Praise the Lord for the opportunity to invest in the youth and to mold and make promising futures.

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