March – April 2020

Great Potential

Just as we were getting ready to get together to start scheduling our 120 counties project, we hit a wall: the Coronavirus. Our plans to take the Gospel into each one of the counties of our state with our women’s foundation ministry and the state government had to be postponed. But, just prior to that the ministry continued to bear fruit. We had multiple people saved in the early part of  March. Please pray for the great potential we have in this ministry going forward.

Salvation Sunday

Every so often we try to schedule a special day where we can emphasize bringing lost visitors to church and make evangelism the focus for the day. We did, and ended up having a great Sunday. We set a record high attendance, and saw several people trust Jesus Christ as Savior. It was such a blessing to see Colombians leading Colombians to salvation during the invitation and after the service.

First Livestream

We have been under national quarantine since March 20th. Children cannot leave the home and adults only can during assigned times (according to their ID number). This has meant full house arrest with penalties varying from large fines, arrest, to deportation in some cases for foreigners. Needless to say, everything has stopped. We had to convert everything to online. Our first livestream looked more like a Christian hostage video than a church service, but God is guiding us through.

Forging Ahead

No doubt, we have been left in strange circumstances. We have not been to our church in six weeks. Others have been forced to permanently close their doors. A city of millions is suddenly silent. The quarantine could extend until a vaccine is discovered. In a time when many Americans are heading home, we have anchored in and decided to forge ahead. Where will this all end? We trust God has a plan.

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