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Mine eye affecteth mine heart.

Furlough 2016

This video is a compilation of the progress God has allowed us to see in our 7 years as missionaries to MedellĂ­n, Colombia. It focuses on the growth the church has seen and the building construction projects that we have recently accomplished.May God bless you and please continue to pray for the souls of the Colombian people.

Colombia Bible Project

An evangelistic campaign sponsored by our mission board, Baptist International Missions, where we reach out to the city with 40,000 New Testaments. This project has now been completed but we are constantly hearing about the impact that it made, and is making. Please pray that many would continue to be saved, and ministered to, through this endeavor.

2013 Update

A short summary of our ministry which began in 2009, when we started deputation, up through the year 2013, after having been on the field for 2 years.

Deputation Presentation

Our original deputation video used to present our calling and burden to reach the Colombian people with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.