January – February 2019

Skin in the Game

The Lord put it on our hearts this year to have our first preaching conference. We invited Eli Perez, an assistant pastor from one of our supporting churches in Tucson, Arizona.

It was his first time flying over the big water, but he arrived and fit right in. His pastor’s heart and love for the Great Commission made him seem like part of the family. We had an excellent time showing him around our “little town” and thoroughly enjoyed getting to know each other better.

He preached a short conference focusing on the big things the Lord is leading us to do in 2019. It was a fantastic conference and God confirmed His leading to us in so many ways. Our people were stirred and are motivated to step forward in faith. 

Thank God for men like Pastor Eli who are willing to go the extra mile and sacrifice time away from their ministries to help others a world away. His love was demonstrated by his willingness to put some skin in the game.

The End in Sight

Five (of our seventeen full timers) institute students finished off the year by receiving completion certificates. The end is in sight. After just a few more classes, we will have our first graduates. Pray that God raises up more laborers. 

Out of this small group we have some potential teachers, a possible deacon, and maybe even two missionaries. Only God knows their futures, but we are thrilled to play a small role in preparing them for what He will reveal in His perfect time.

The City of Refuge

Gorgy fled the coast of Colombia after narrowly escaping the pursuit of some assassins. He had a few contacts in Medellin so he came this way. Then he met one of our church members.

While running their little food stand, they witnessed to him and invited him to church. He came and accepted Christ. The next week his girlfriend got saved. They not only found refuge, they found salvation in Jesus Christ.

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