September – October 2017

Ashamed No More

We met Jhoan on door to door visitation. He was going through some hard times and later started attending our church.

As we got to know him, he informed us that he and his wife were separated and he hoped they could get back together. He later started a discipleship program at our church and received Christ.

Several months later Malle, his wife, showed up at a midweek service with him. Shortly after, I started discipling them as a couple. We began by reviewing salvation.

She approached me after the services recently and told me that in the past receiving Christ was something she felt she should  have done but was embarrassed. She told me that night, “Pastor, I am ready to pray and receive Jesus.  I don’t want to be ashamed anymore.” She did it, and that night was born again. By the grace of God, Jhoan and Malle just moved back in together after a 7 month separation. Praise God for the ministry of reconciliation!

Firsts Baptisms

Our church has a mission work that we have been working on for quite a few years. It is in a small mountain community of just a few hundred people. By the grace of God, three men made the decision to follow the Lord in believer’s baptism. Pray that God would provide a pastor for this work.

Not Satisfied Anymore

Javier and his wife Liliana are from a strong Pentecostal Unitarian background. They had been learning about the fallacies of their church and its doctrines through a local Christian radio station, when they realized it was time for a change. They arrived at our church about a month ago.

We have begun a discipleship with them and are focusing on getting them spiritually untangled. Through the Bible they are beginning to see how shallow their spiritual lives were before. They are learning so much and are so happy.

Please pray for their continued growth and that God would use this young couple in a mighty way.

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