January – February 2014

Come Over and Help Us

Just as our brother Paul heard the voice of God leading him to Macedonia we too have recently heard and obeyed another call of God. Not so long ago we had a young lady visit us at our church in La Campiña. She is from a rural mountain community about an hour away, called Ebéjico. She is part of a small group of believers there that have been congregating regularly and praying that God would send them a missionary. She asked me a few times if we would go and help. After praying thoroughly about it and waiting for God to touch hearts in our church about it, God answered. We have had a tremendous response from our congregation saying they want to help. We have since responded to the call and are now holding services for them on a weekly basis. God is at work! We have had almost thirty in attendance the last couple of weeks and we believe several are on the brink of trusting Christ. Please pray with us that God continues to work and better yet, as our Macedonian brother prayed, “…come over and help us”.

What Shall I Do?

Recently I met with our deacon and he proceeded to tell me he thought God might be calling him into full-time service but wasn’t sure. I gave him some suggestions to help him gage the situation along with the moving in his spirit. Please pray for this young man. He truly has a servant’s heart and would make a great pastor.

Bring Them In

A woman recently started attending church. She was already saved but had never been Biblically baptized. She got baptized and brought her neighbor later on. Her neighbor came a few times and got saved. Keep bringing them in because God is at work!

Our Jerusalem

Please pray for us as we embark on a new evangelism program this year that includes: preaching to the homeless, preaching to drug-addicts, door to door soul winning, house Bible studies, and evangelism in Ebéjico.

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