January – February 2015

Casting the Vision

It appears that our vision for 2015 is gaining momentum. “Each One Reaching One, Being Disciples, Making Disciples,” has not fallen on deaf ears. Praise the Lord! God is at work!

We have seen a growth spurt  take place in the last six weeks. This growth has happened through various methods.

We are having a church wide activity each month with the emphasis on inviting visitors, we are also continuing on with our home Bible study groups, we have added a weekly church wide discipleship course, and are also having one new family over for dinner each Friday night. With all this, we are endeavoring to draw the “net” into church. Praise the Lord! It is working!


I visited him 6 times on visitation before success. Then he came. Out of church for 10 years and now with prostate cancer, Humberto is hungry for God’s Word. He is taking the discipleship course and growing like a weed. Praise the Lord! It is never too late!

Building Expansion

We now have certified building plans for our expansion project. We “should” be getting a firm estimate within the next 2 weeks for project costs. We will send out an update at that time for those of you that would like to donate.

The Machete

While winding up a mountain dirt road in our 4-door sudan, I thought to myself, “Where is my 4-wheel drive?” I was headed to a town called “El Machete” about an hour from Medellín. I arrived safely to a family of around 15 people and preached to them about Hell. Things went well and I was soon heading back home. One of our men, whose family I was visiting, told me a few days later, “One of the young women was scared to death after your message, and was worried that was where she might end up so I led her to the Lord.” Sometimes the Lord has to “drop the machete…I mean hammer, to get people to listen to the Gospel.

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