May – June 2019

Amazon Missions

Last year I began participating in a biannual medical missions trip to the Amazon regions of Colombia, Peru, and Brazil. In May, I went again, and this time I brought Fredy one of our young preacher men along.

It was another amazing experience. It was especially eye opening for Fredy. He saw the humility needed and hardships encountered while doing primitive missions. We returned home and he is a changed man. 

Our team visited 8 small river villages and saw 75 people trust Jesus. If this ministry interests you please contact me. We would love to have you, and know your life will be changed.

Stepping in the Jordan

We have been praying for 2 1/2 years about moving the church to a more central location. God finally opened the doors. God answered so many prayers regarding this move it was incredible. We found a place with a Christian owner. We did the contract directly with him. He lowered the price within our budget. The building is in an incredible location. The church voted unanimously to move forward with the move. Finally, we moved in just before the work team arrived. We stepped in and God is parting the waters. Pray that God continues to provide and that the ripples of God’s moving are felt throughout the entire city of Medellín.

Texting for the Savior

A Romans booklet with an invitation inside was left under his front door. He later texted asking for spiritual help. After a thorough gospel explanation, Javier bowed to receive Christ as we continued talking over WhatsApp. He showed up at church the next Wednesday. Try texting for the Savior, it really works!

A Soldier for Christ

Our daughter Lily and Heath (from the work team) were witnessing outside our new location. Heath (who is also a veteran) met a young Colombian soldier. He and Lily worked together, witnessing and translating, and Ricardo decided to trust Christ. He is now a soldier for the King of Kings!

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