March – April 2017

What Shall I do?

We were having a regular Wednesday night service and Beda, one of our members arrived with a guest. They both sat down and listened to the study for the evening. Afterwards, we began the prayer part of the service. Many began to share requests and burdens. Mari, Beda’s guest, soon raised her hand. Her request was right out of Acts 16. She said, “Please pray that God enters my heart.” Wow! I thought, then I briefly explained how He wanted to and would if she asked Him to. I asked her to inquire more specifically in her prayer group, knowing confidently the others would lead her to Christ. That they did! She left our prayer service a child of God!

Sisters in Christ

Diego, one of our members, brought Yancy and Angela to our services one Sunday. They loved it and wanted a follow up visit. We went a few days later and Diego led Yancy to the Lord. A week later we returned and Angela accepted Jesus. Praise God now they share the greatest bond known to mankind, they are sisters in Christ! 

One to Another

Isabel is one of our members. We reached her a few years ago through a home Bible study and she has grown like crazy since. She was very religious but the truth set her free and now she is a follower of Jesus.

She recently asked if she could start a discipleship group with a few of her neighbor friends. I told her it was fine and gave her some materials to begin. At their first study she taught them the Gospel and two of the ladies accepted Christ! She is so encouraged and is continuing to disciple them each week. Please pray for the others in the group to get saved and become disciples also.

Missions Booster

Our first two months of Faith Promise giving averaged 21% above what was promised. I thought that our general giving might go down due to a new giving program but our tithe for both months is up too! It seems Faith Promise has given our general giving a shot in the arm!

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