March – April 2013

All in the Family

What started out as one young woman being saved after one of our services has evolved into much more. She started attending and brought her niece (who is pictured above to the right) who later got saved and recently baptized. Later we were invited over to their home to present the gospel to their family and the niece’s mother accepted Christ. It is no lie when Paul said, “…and thou shalt be saved and thy house.”

God is Moving

Recently Freddy and Sandra (pictured above) started attending our church. He is saved and she is a traditional Catholic, but very open. They recently brought their mother with them who is also a very strong Catholic. Pray that she gets saved and God continues to work in their family.

Oscar recently approached me asking for counsel. While in tears, he began to pour his heart out. He told me how impossible it seemed to overcome sin. He told me he felt empty and coming to church only emphasized his feelings of sinfulness. He said he wanted peace. He then prayed to recommit his life to God. Please pray for him as he begins following Jesus. It is wonderful to watch God move.

Strengthening Ties

We recently had a couples’ banquet and put a primary focus on “why my wife is special to me.” We had a record turnout and enjoyed a wonderful evening out at a restaurant with a spectacular view. I brought a devotion challenging the men to lead themselves and their families. At the close of the evening, each man stood to praise his wife publicly and there weren’t many dry eyes in the room. It’s always necessary to strengthen those family ties because when the family is strong the church will be strong.

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