January – February 2018

Shining in Darkness

We were invited to present the Gospel in a dark hidden neighborhood to the family of one of the ranking gang members of the area. The message was clearly presented and a challenge was given. A few weeks later one young lady even visited our church! Pray that God would work and that we would see some gang members saved!

Something Different

We have typically done our evangelism on Saturdays in the afternoon. Due to a myriad of reasons, we never had consistent participants. So, as someone once said, “A fool is one who continues the same thing and expects different results,” we decided to change things up.

I had some custom shirts made up with our church logo and an evangelistic message. We then decided to move our soul-winning time to Sundays after church.

The results have been great! We were able to evangelize in one day what it normally took us 4-5 weeks to accomplish. It just took something different to get the troops fired up!

Couples Grow

For the longest time I felt as if our church was made up of David’s 600 men. It seemed our church was full of the poor, injured, divorced, and struggling types. But that seems to be changing.

God has been adding families to our church. The amount of couples we have now compared to even a year ago is amazing!

I decided to add a couples group to our ministry. It was received  tremendously and our first activity was a success. We had eleven couples attend!

Pray that God would help them grow and as a result, they would help bolster up the spiritual foundations of the church!

He Will Never Forget

We arrived at church one Wednesday evening after a strong rainstorm wondering if anyone would remember to come. We were pleasantly surprised, as God reminded us, that He would never forget. A beautiful rainbow arched above our little neighborhood church!

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