September – October 2012

A Mind to Work

After many prayers and preparations we were finally ready to hold our third anniversary service at Amistad en Cristo, our church plant in La Campiña. We had prayed for our neighbors and families and other invitees that they would come for this special day. We had also prepared a large meal for everyone after the services. Well, the day was a success and we had a record crowd. Members were encouraged and visitors were blessed. Praise the Lord we were able to pull it off, but none of it would have happened had the people not had A mind to Work.

In addition to a wonderful anniversary service we also had the privilege of having a work team visit from Florida. There were men and women, most of which I would say were not “spring chickens,” but they came ready. They helped us with the final segment of this building phase. They built classrooms, bathrooms, and shelves. They helped us finish walls with stucco and paint. They helped us refinish the front of the church and to top it off, they gave us a nice offering to help pay for any remaining construction bills. Praise the Lord that whether here or there, young or old, rich or poor, when we come together and have A mind to work, God can accomplish his plans!

After preaching a message on Biblical manhood titled, There was a Man, ironically a woman decided it was time for her to get saved. You never know what is going on behind the scenes, but you can be sure that God has A mind to Work and His eyes are on the goal, precious souls.

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