July – August 2016

The Harvest Cometh

Thank you all so much for your continued prayers. Furlough travels have been going well and we have had an encouraging time reconnecting with our partners.

Just as I was finishing up with my “western circuit” of church visits, I stopped in to report to one of our churches in Pasco, Washington. I was just in time for their Thursday night evangelism, so I partnered up with my new friend, Elias.

We had visited many houses to no avail. Then we later decided to stop at the grocery store so his children could pass out tracts to the late evening shoppers. While conversing and getting blessed watching the innocence of children soul-winners, we decided to talk to a man sitting in his car in the parking lot. After a thorough ex- planation of the Gospel the young man decided to place his faith in Christ. Praise the Lord!

The funny part of the story is that the young man later told us he was parked there for no apparent reason. He wasn’t waiting for anyone and didn’t need groceries. Certainly God brought him there to meet his Son, Jesus Christ!

Everyone to Work

While chatting with some cattlemen friends of ours in Astoria, Illinois, I learned something about the harvest. They had to harvest the silage corn soon or the rain would ruin it. It reminded me of something I had read before, “look on the fields; for they are white already to harvest.”

The harvest is ready and the fruit is being gathered in Colombia. We have heard news of multiple people saved. Some were saved during services, some were saved at our youth retreat, and yet others were saved through personal work.

Harvest time comes and goes, but when it comes, my friends told me that everyone in the family goes to work until it is finished. Brethren, the crop is ready in Colombia. Will you come down and help us reap the harvest?

Right Next Door

I had only met one Colombian in my life before we moved there as missionaries. Now God brought a whole family here next door to my parents. Pray as we speak to them of Jesus. Sometimes our journey of obedience begins by going right next door.

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