September – October 2013

All Alone but Not Forgotten

Meet Mauricio, a young man who lives alone in a neighborhood called Belén-Zafra, known for being a dangerous place whether night or day. Mauricio is one of three children. His sister is strung out on drugs. His brother is in Bella Vista, one of Medellín’s most infamous prisons. His mother abandoned him as a child and wants nothing to do with him. He never new his father. One day, while I was at his house, he showed me a picture of his dad taken while behind bars in prison. His dad later hung himself in his cell. The grandparents who raised him will not be around for much longer, as one has already passed away and the other has dementia and is dying. Mauricio was all alone.

He decided there had to be more and started searching for hope. He visited some churches and never felt that any of them were for him. He started listening to a conservative Christian radio station and the lights began to start coming on. He called the radio station and asked if there was a church near him where he could learn the Bible like he had been learning it through the radio. The staff there, with whom we have a relationship, graciously gave him our contact information and he called me.

That very next Sunday Mauricio came to church. He sat in the back row and listened attentively to the message. After the services ended, Steven, the young man with whom I have been working, took him aside and explained the Gospel to him. Afterwards, he placed his faith in Jesus Christ. Glory to God! We have since begun a one-on-one discipleship program and Mauricio is excited and ready to learn. Please pray for his continued growth and victory. No matter how hopeless the circumstances or how dark things may seem, God is always searching for us and we are never forgotten.

Thank You 

A heartfelt thank you to all our supporters who by their sacrifice have made it possible for us to be here and help fulfill the Great Commission. A special thank you to our pastor and home church too. We appreciate all of you!

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