November – December 2012

3 Things God Can’t Do

A popular celebration down here is a day called Kids Day. It is celebrated in addition to what is known as Halloween and during the same time of year. We planned a special day for the children of our church and also planned to use this activity to get the gospel out to the neighborhood kids. We had a great turnout with almost 40 children. Each child received an assortment of small gifts and seeds were sown in their hearts with a drama about the prodigal son coming home. Praise the Lord! God still has a tender spot in His heart for children!

In the pictures above you will see a sign that reads “Las 3 cosas que Dios no puede hacer.” Quite literally this translates to “the 3 things that God cannot do.” It is a little idea that I learned while evangelizing with my home church back in Idaho. The 3 things are simple with the intent to “catch” people’s attention so that you can lead them towards the Gospel message. 1 – God can’t change. 2 – God can’t lie. 3 – God can’t let you into heaven unless you are born again. Number 3 is where you “set the hook” and try to lead these dears souls to the feet of Jesus. It was a bit surreal for me because normally I have been one of the ones to work the crowd and talk to the people but this time my role had changed. The Colombians took what they had been taught and did the fishing themselves. It was amazing! Even my daughter got involved and was dealing with some of the children. Praise the Lord! After about 3 hours we had 7 first time professions of faith. God still can save souls!

We recently had our first Christmas Cantata at Amistad en Cristo Baptist Church. One young man was in charge and he led us toward a wonderful morning of glory and praises to the Lord! We dressed in matching colors and the church was excited to hear from their own as we lifted our voices in honor to the Lamb of God. God can raise up another generation of worshippers!

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